Low Land Development

I concluded the sale and purchase agreement on a law land which is suitable for housing development. I will scrutinize the document which the seller holds on this project. It will take a few days to complete the due diligence. Then, the S&P would be unconditional.


One of my Japanese friends is trying to conditional PR (Permanent Residency Visa) for NZ. He advances to the final process on this matter. According to him, He is so pissed off by the immigration officer’s attitude after a new officer is in charge of his process. I am so afraid that I would be very upset about the officer’s reaction about my PR obtaining process….

Correction ③

The correction of my blog written by my private tutor

At the last minute of settling a deal with a bank, they made a few mistakes. One of them is that they used a wrong name of my company in the documents. I requested my lawyer to correct them and settled a deal at the planned time.

Correction ②

The correction of my blog which my private tutor pointed out.

One of the students who takes my lectures on equity investment made more profits than me through equity investment last year. I am happy to hear this and that he in now one of the bloggers in the investment diary station where I regularly write blogs in Japanese.

Correction ①

The correction of my blog which my private tutor wrote.

I was back in Auckland from Tokyo yesterday. As a result of some observations during my stay in Tokyo these five days, it is my feeling that stagnation may prevail again in the Japanese economy. At the time of Abe taking the office of prime minister, the Japanese people welcomed the ABENOMICS, the econominc reforms adovocated by him. However it seems that what he has done so far is only to increase the consumption tax and thereby results in causing a little inflation and increasing burdens on the part of consumers.