Category: Investment

Splash out by BOJ

BOJ Chairman, Mr Kuroda announced that BOJ will increase the buying quantity of financial instruments including JGB, JREIT and Equity Indices’ ETF. The additional quantity would be around 10 trillion to 20 yen a year. However, BOJ would buy much more equity related products. It would affect the share market sharp rise yesterday.

Equity Market

Equity markets have been volatile since the end of last month. US tapering of quantity easement (QE) would affect the market conditions. US QE3 would stop at the end of this month. What would happen after the abolition of it.

Low Land Development

I concluded the sale and purchase agreement on a law land which is suitable for housing development. I will scrutinize the document which the seller holds on this project. It will take a few days to complete the due diligence. Then, the S&P would be unconditional.

Correction ②

The correction of my blog which my private tutor pointed out.

One of the students who takes my lectures on equity investment made more profits than me through equity investment last year. I am happy to hear this and that he in now one of the bloggers in the investment diary station where I regularly write blogs in Japanese.

Back to Auckland

I was back in Auckland yesterday. I had stayed at Tokyo for 5 days. I felt that there might be a sense of stagnation in Japanese economy again. The Japanese use to be happy to welcome the ABENOMICS, the new prime minister’s economic reforms. However, there were only an increase of consumption tax and burdens of small inflation as a result of it.