Splash out by BOJ

BOJ Chairman, Mr Kuroda announced that BOJ will increase the buying quantity of financial instruments including JGB, JREIT and Equity Indices’ ETF. The additional quantity would be around 10 trillion to 20 yen a year. However, BOJ would buy much more equity related products. It would affect the share market sharp rise yesterday.

Equity Market

Equity markets have been volatile since the end of last month. US tapering of quantity easement (QE) would affect the market conditions. US QE3 would stop at the end of this month. What would happen after the abolition of it.

Development Concent

John Key told us that resource consents process should be shortened yesterday. However, the discussion of the policy should take more time to conclude. The leader should enhance the discussion more quickly than it used to be.

Worldwide Market Turmoil

World financial market has experienced a turmoil since last week. There is no significant cause of it. However, world equity markets have been a historical high level for the past 3 months. There might be a huge adjustment around 10-20%. I am going to buy NZ$ for this period because NZ$ will drop against Japanese Yen by 5 to 10% in a fortnight.

Resounding Victory by National

I was not sure about the meaning of ‘resounding victory’. However, I looked into the Internet dictionary. According it, it is a great triumph of the game. So, National Party won in the election significantly. John Key keeps his Prime Minister seat until 2017. National is continuing the ruling party. I am so happy to hear that their current policy of accepting immigrants and focusing on economic growth will be continuous until 2017.