Category: Life in New Zealand

Shortage of Housing

Yesterday, I got a free newspaper and read the article *Housing in limbo*. I really understand how efficiently we build cheaper houses in this country. However, bureaucratic works is also so time consuming in this country. Mayor Len Brown of Auckland city has the intention to deregulate the rules and tax reduction for cooperation with builders. This may be a good chance to be a new house builder!

Consulting Agreement

We have reached the conclusion of the consulting agreement with a Japanese builder. I will start my new project in Auckland. We are going to open a Japanese business library at Papatoetoe and throwing a regular meeting for business people in Auckland!!!

PR Visa

I am going to send an enrollment in interest of Permanent Residency Visa (PR Visa) in New Zealand until the end of this week. The point is to obtain the PR visa would be the explicit explanation of your wealth building process because many candidates are hard to testify whether their wealth are legally or illegally built-up including tax laws. Many of candidate people who would like to have a PR Visa have a headache on this point.

Work Visa

I have got a work visa in New Zealand until next March because my partner studies at the University of Auckland and is majoring the environment which is suitable for the work permit. It took only a week to obtain it after applying the visa.

I have established a Kiwi company in Auckland

Today is my first Kiwi company `Island Mercury (NZ) Limited` birthday.
This is my third company including Japanese companies. I am going to obtain
a work permit visa in a few week. I will start my new carrier in Auckland!